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Xploit Security Inc.’s founders merged personal friendship, diverse expertise and shared vision into the formation of Xploit Security Inc. and the secure business philosophy. 

Bryan Simon Profile
Bryan Simon, CISSP
President & Chief Executive Officer

With three decades of experience in operational I.T.and Information Security, Bryan is a recognized cybersecurity expert. Bryan had a very early start in cybersecurity as a teenager. "Cybersecurity chose me, and I continue to choose it each day. I want to make a difference by helping others make their own respective differences. I want us to learn how to fight and win - against the modern adversary". Over the course of his extensive career, Bryan has engaged with government, educational, financial, and environmental sectors.

Bryan is a thought leader, who advises boards for major security vendors. He has worked in many cross-functional areas including I.T., Information Security, C-Level (engaging in multiple security disciplines include defense, forensics, and pen testing), and security consultancy spanning 4 continents.

Bryan is regularly sought after to advise the press on matters of security and has been featured as a thought leader by major security vendors. He's spoken at large conventions and is mentioned in some of the most influential books in the information security industry. Despite those accomplishments and accolades, the highlight of Bryan's career has been helping others collectively battle the adversary through engagement, lecturing, and development of courseware.