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Xploit Security Inc.’s founders merged personal friendship, diverse expertise and shared vision into the formation of Xploit Security Inc. and the secure business philosophy. 

Bryan Simon Profile
Bryan Simon, CISSP
President & Chief Executive Officer

With more than two decades of experience in operational I.T.and I.T. Security, Bryan is a recognized cybersecurity expert. Over the course of his career, Bryan has held various technical and managerial positions in the Education, Environmental, Accounting, and Financial Services sectors. Bryan also serves as an Instructor at the SANS Institute.

Bryan speaks on a regular basis at national conferences and with the press on matters of cybersecurity. Bryan has specialized expertise in Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, and Auditing. Bryan has received recognition for his work in I.T. Security, and was most recently profiled by McAfee as an I.T. Hero. Bryan’s scholastic achievements have resulted in the honour of sitting as a current member of the Advisory Board for the SANS Institute, and his acceptance into the prestigious SANS Cyber Guardian program.

Daniel Wingham Profile
Daniel Wingham, BA
Chief Security Officer

Daniel combines physical security expertise with a financial services and marketing/communications background.

Daniel’s physical security experience began in 2001 as an Investigator for an international retailer while pursuing his degree at the University of Northern BC.  Following graduation in 2003, Daniel relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia and joined a specialized team of crime suppression operatives.  Daniel and his team were responsible for physical security and investigations by employing the tradecraft of surveillance, complex external/internal investigations, arrest/apprehension, evidence management and examination of witnesses/accused.

Daniel has worked alongside the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP, the Vancouver Transit Police, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association and other agencies to develop actionable intelligence to target property crime, prolific offenders, organized crime and threats to local, regional and national security.