Business today is very different from the past.  Business today has serious obligations to customers, employees, and government. Regulatory obligation, data breaches and public disclosure requirements all have a significant impact on the bottom line and in many cases, the very survival of a company.

In response to advanced cyber threats and a burgeoning regulatory environment, Xploit Security Inc. has been founded to provide advice, guidance, and actionable intelligence to all levels of the public and private sectors.  Our founding philosophy: security should never stand in the way of business; security should enable business.

Xploit Security Inc. offers a wealth of both physical and cyber security services to enable secure business, including:

    • Vulnerability assessment
    • Physical and Logical penetration testing
    • Threat detection/prevention
    • Forensic investigation
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Disaster Recovery planning and guidance
    • Information Assurance
    • Auditing

Xploit Security Inc. has the distinct advantage of not only offering specialized physical and logical intelligence services, but also meets hardware and software needs leveraging industry best-of-breed solutions.

The threat is real, pervasive, continuous and ever changing. Xploit Security Inc. is obsessive about security; we live it, we breathe it.

Xploit Security Inc. Enabling Secure Business (TM).